About The Becoming Collective

This project in ‘becoming’ emerges out of a desire to ground our actions and activism in the ever-shifting terrain of decolonization, relational learning and community-building. We are interested in using this blog to explore processes of change at personal, community and structural scales, so that we can live the kind of relationships we long for. This blog is a space to explore the quality of relationships that allow us to shift our understandings of ourselves and to explore our role in embodied processes of individual and collective change. In this project, we are committed to our own becoming through critical self-reflection and the transformative learning that happens in our relationships with each other.

The Becoming Collective is: Annie Banks, Morgan Clare and Sarah Hunt. We are collectively interested in diverse topics of Indigenous self-determination, settler responsibility, disability activism, critical race theory, Indigenous law, colonial violence, gender and sexuality, supporting sex workers, love, responsibility, gratitude, emotional geographies, relational learning, guerrilla art, youth empowerment, and other issues related to transformation and social justice.

For more information on each of us, please see our profiles.